Random Caller Tells Radio Host He Once Personally Covered Up A ‘Mortifying’ Biden Security Breach


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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This guy’s either a deeply pathological liar capable of building detailed and compelling fiction and delivering it without so much as a flinch … or he’s telling the truth. We legitimately can’t tell. Either way, an interesting moment unfolded during Friday’s The Vince Coglianese Show on WMAL, so interesting, in fact, that Coglianese — also Daily Caller’s editorial director — delayed his follow on interview to stay on the line.

A man called in Friday claiming he was sent to recover classified documents left in a hotel room by then-Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama years.

The man, who called himself “Fred” and said he needed to keep certain details vague to protect himself, said he was part of a trip where the then-VP left classified information in a hotel room somewhere in the continental United States. That information was allegedly discovered, presumably by hotel staff, who were definitely not supposed to have access to it.

Fred claimed that the information was the equivalent of a “presidential daily briefing,” suggesting huge amounts of highly classified domestic and international data was in the leftover documents. That information was accessed by individuals who were “absolutely not cleared” to see them, according to Fred.

“The issue at hand was the cavalier attitude of this,” Fred noted, stating that the Administration just “made it go away,” and staffers didn’t seem to see why this was a big deal. “Zero accountability for it,” Fred noted. “That was what was mortifying.”

I highly recommend listening to the full clip (it’s not too long) and making your own decision about the veracity of Fred’s claims. Just to note — Coglianese’s show is based in D.C., and the audience is thick with current and former government officials.

Here’s the thing: do I believe that someone this close to a Democrat administration would risk telling this story in a public setting if it were true? No, not unless they have a death wish. (RELATED: I Obtained Hillary’s New Show ‘Gutsy’ Early (And For The Record, I Am Not Suicidal)

Do I believe someone with nothing left to lose is capable of revealing this type of information? Yes, definitely. That is basic human nature.

The timing of Fred’s call, right after batches of classified information were found all over locations frequented by Joe Biden during his vice presidency and presidency, could suggest a catalyst of revelation. Perhaps the documents found thus far are just the first dominoes to fall against Biden?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure. There isn’t anywhere near enough information, sources, or data to assert whether any of Fred’s descriptions are legitimate. All have biases.

Part of me wants to believe that a true patriot would tell this story publicly, and that if it’s true, others will come forward to validate the authenticity of Fred’s highly provocative claims. (RELATED: Tucker: This Is The Beginning Of The End For Joe Biden)

I guess that’s where we have to leave this story: clouded in questions and lack of clarity, but perhaps finally seeing the light of day. Or perhaps it was all just a wonderful moment of entertainment. Only time will tell, maybe.