Watch Fan Hilariously Punch And Destroy His TV After Dallas Cowboys Are Eliminated From NFL Playoffs

[Twitter/Screenshot/IG: victorledezma12 via barstoolsports]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Luckily, it was a small TV, so he won’t have to spend a fortune to replace it.

The Dallas Cowboys squared off against the San Francisco 49ers Jan. 22 in the NFL Divisional Playoffs, and as we all know, the Niners grabbed the 19-12 win.

But not only did the Cowboys get eliminated from the postseason, but it came in such boneheaded fashion, with Dallas honestly calling one of the worst plays in the history of sports. You can read my piece on that here.

Well, Dallas Cowboys fans didn’t take it well, especially this guy who completely obliterated his television:

I love how football completely turns Americans into crazed European soccer fans, or any kind of soccer fans honestly, because when I first saw this video, I thought of that Saudi Arabian fan who ripped off his front door in celebration of his nation upsetting Argentina in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

I see how some people are skeptical of the video with the Cowboys fan and think it was staged, and yeah, I can understand — there’s a lot of frauds out here in these streets.

But I totally could believe that this is true, because I know how crazy Americans can get over football.

Quick story for you: A few years ago when I was doing Miami sports radio, I started in a February, so it was literally right when football season ended. As a result, there was obviously a ton of layover time between when I began doing radio until the next season, so I experienced basketball, baseball and hockey fandoms for the most part during that time. Throughout, things went well with our listeners.

But then we got to football season.

I had people who were fans of me during every other sports season, but when we got to football, they hated me depending on my opinion. Dude, I straight up fell out with people (including a co-host) because of this sport. Some people just couldn’t take my (crude) sense of humor when I made fun of their team, but to be fair, I’ve probably made fun of my Miami Dolphins more than anybody — but people don’t care. When that football fandom takes over an American, that’s it. (RELATED: REPORT: Saquon Barkley Turns Down Contract Offer From New York Giants, Looking For $16 Million Per Season)

Americans act like crazed lunatics when it comes to this beautiful game and this video is just another example of that.

And quite frankly, I love every single bit of it. Don’t stop, Americans. Don’t stop, crazed football fans everywhere.

That crazy (bleep) is pure entertainment.