‘I Ran Out Of Toilet Paper Brother, Help’: Hulk Hogan Reportedly Tweets Bathroom Update To 2.2 Million Fans

Paul Kane/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Hulk Hogan was in a pretty crappy situation Wednesday when he somehow managed to tweet his desperate need for toilet paper to his 2.2 million followers.

The world-famous wrestler just put himself on the map for something other than his skills in the ring, by opting to broadcast his poop crisis instead. “I ran out of toilet paper, brother.. Help!!!!” he posted to his Twitter account, according to TMZ. He either found the help he needed, or finally realized he had issued a tweet and not a private text, because the post was promptly deleted.

The outcry for assistance was likely intended for a friend, but what ended up happening instead was even shittier for the wrestling star than his initial bathroom catastrophe. Fans across the globe began to screenshot the image, and have blasted the epic Twitter fail all over the internet.

Of course, we have no idea if Hulk Hogan’s Twitter account was hacked — seems a little odd that he would use his signature “brother” tagline in what was meant to be a private text — or if this was an innocent mistake. But whatever the case is, his toilet experience is now front and center in a big way, leaving fans slightly more alert about what they tweet in the middle of the night. (RELATED: Pooping Unicorns Led To A $10 Million Law Suit For This Entertainment Group)

The WWE legend posted another tweet shortly after he deleted the bathroom message, but has not addressed the apparent slip-up in any way.

Perhaps he’s hoping his “shitty experience” will simply fade from memory.