Rep. Swalwell Basically Dared Philadelphia To Punch Him In The Face

(Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Eric Swalwell is a complete assclown, but boy, does he have some massive balls.

Swalwell, a Democratic congressman from California, took a trip up to Philadelphia from Washington, D.C., to cheer on his San Francisco 49ers in the Jan. 29 NFC Championship Game against the Eagles.

While in line at Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field to get into the game, Swalwell posted a photo on social media, showing himself completely surrounded by a sea of Eagles fans, who have a reputation for being batshit crazy. And the kicker: Swalwell was decked out in Niners gear.

The congressman is honestly lucky he didn’t get his block knocked off for this. However, his team did — 31-7, in fact.

Oh, man. You talk about the balls on this guy.

If you’re not familiar, the city of Philadelphia is known to have a ruthless environment when it comes to their sports teams. This is the same city that borderline rioted in the name of glory back in 2018 when the birds won the Super Bowl.

And they partied their asses off again after making the Super Bowl … again … in 2023:

Quick story for you: A family member of mine went to a Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game at the Linc with his friend, and both of them were wearing Cowboys jerseys. Well, in the middle of the game, his friend ends up getting clobbered with a balloon full of piss. (RELATED: REPORT: Green Bay Packers Ready To Move On, Looking To Trade Aaron Rodgers)

That’s just how Eagles fans are. Like I said, they’re batshit crazy. (And I just want to say that I love them for it.)

Eric Swalwell got lucky … very, very lucky … but let’s be honest, he probably had security out the ass.