‘I’m Smoking The Joe Burrow’: Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Clowns Bengals Quarterback After He’s Eliminated From NFL Playoffs

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“I’m smoking the Joe Burrow” — what a glorious quote.

After taking out Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game, Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs are headed back to the Super Bowl.

Following their title victory, Kansas City partied their asses off, but it wasn’t just because of the championship glory, but also because of the massive rivalry that has built up between the Chiefs and Bengals because of all of the week-long massive trash talk that happened between the two (particularly from the latter) before we even got to the game, that even saw Cincinnati’s mayor getting involved.

With Kansas City now claiming the AFC Championship, it’s their time to run their mouth, and it didn’t take long for them to start doing it. I already blogged earlier about Travis Kelce laying a good ol’ Attitude Era smack down on Cincy’s mayor, Aftab Pureval, for running his mouth, and now here we are with Patrick Mahomes’ dad — Patrick Mahomes Sr.

After the game, Mahomes Sr. was spotted on the field smoking a celebratory cigar, and when asked about it, he simply said with outstanding swag, “I’m smoking the Joe Burrow.”

Patrick Mahomes Sr. is such a (bleeping) G, you can tell he’s one of those cool ass old school cats.

And you can tell that man probably smokes some of the finest marijuana. The way he was talking about “the Joe Burrow” sounded like he was talking about a brand new strain of kush or something. Such a G, man. (RELATED: Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni Gets After His Daughter In Press Conference After She Mimics Him)

Consider me now a fan of Patrick Mahomes Sr. — such a swagged out dude.