EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Firearms Instructor Leon Spears Responds To Conduct Of Officer Who Gets Called Racist

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Firearms and law enforcement instructor Leon Spears broke down a police encounter in which an officer was accused of racism after arresting a young suspect at a party.

Police confronted a suspect who appeared to be holding a bottle of liquor in his hand. The officers proceeded to chase the man as he attempted to run away. They eventually reached a crowd of people and demanded they “back up” for their own safety. Police then detained the initial suspect on the ground.

Spears suggested the officers should have called for more backup due to the crowd refusing to comply with their repeated demands to “back up.”

“The people that are there have no reasonable reason to be there, so you have to back up and make sure that you’re safe, and your team’s safe. They have no respect for authority. So ‘back up’ is the command, ‘please back up,'” Spears said.

Spears commended the officers for their “excellent communication” as they repeatedly demanded the crowd of people step away. One officer then put the suspect in a police car, with the suspect barely answering the officer’s questions, the video shows. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Firearms Trainer Leon Spears Responds To Officer Being Charged With A Hatchet)

The officer then approached a crowd of young people who appeared to be associated with the suspect, where one woman accused the officer of racism.

Spears approved of the officer’s conduct at the scene. He said the officer had “excellent” handcuffing skills and an “absolutely outstanding” demeanor when communicating with the other people at the scene.

“Overall, I give this officer an A-. A little ding, only from the standpoint [that] it took a long time for the scene to be actually considered safe. People were really in their workable space, so I just would’ve liked to see that scene protected a little bit sooner,” Spears concluded.

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