Reporter Accuses GOP Of Demanding Cancer-Stricken Democrat Remove Head Covering. But That Never Happened

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A reporter alleged congressional Republicans were trying to prevent Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin from wearing a head covering on the House floor Tuesday, but it turns out that never happened.

Raskin announced in December he was diagnosed with large B cell Lymphoma and would undergo chemo-therapy. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer took a moment Tuesday to express his support for Raskin just before he yielded to him.

“I want to publicly say, Mr. Raskin, we’re all rooting for you,” Comer said. “We know that you’re going to win this battle if you’re in our thoughts and prayers. And it’s good to see you here today.” (RELATED: Republicans Bust Out Laughing As Dem Rep Says J6 Committee Doesn’t Engage In Partisan Politics)

“Mr. Chairman, thank you so much,” Raskin said. “It means a lot to me, and I’ve been gratified to receive so many kind words of encouragement and sympathy from colleagues on both sides of the aisle. And I hope that these expressions of concern and solidarity will become seeds of friendship over the years. I certainly plan on getting through this thing and beating it. And I thank you for your patience and indulgence.”

Punchbowl News reporter Heather Caygle tweeted that Republicans were trying to ban Raskin from wearing his cap and that Raskin pushed back against Republicans.

“Rep. Jamie Raskin gets a standing ovation in Dem Caucus after saying he will push back on Republican efforts to make him take off the cap he’s been wearing as he undergoes chemotherapy.”

Caygle also tweeted that she confronted Speaker Kevin McCarthy about it and that he said he didn’t “know anything about that” but that he would “look into it.”

But Raskin acknowledged the allegation, telling RawStory that his comment about seeking to force Republicans to remove their toupees was simply a joke.