Another Brutal Chick Fight Breaks Out At Morgan Wallen Concert


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A horrific chick fight broke out at a Morgan Wallen concert in 2022 as the country music superstar serenaded the crowd with his hit single “Wasted on You.”

An Instagram video of the concert shows a big blonde girl disrupting the show for those around her, mouthing off at a man standing to her right before turning her attention to the poor woman on her other side. It’s unclear what led to the blonde deciding she was the fun police, but you can clearly see and hear her yell “push me again so I can have it on video,” to the woman standing next to her.


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As the woman, who was clearly having fun next to the blonde girl, tries to lighten the mood, the blonde sucker punches her in the face. The victim of the blonde girl (not a woman, because women don’t act like she did; she acted like a child) is reportedly in the military, according to Whiskey Riff

TikTok reportedly deleted the video after more than 4 million views, as the victim explained in a follow-up video. She said the girl was a “sloppy drunk” whom the security guards tried remove as she harassed those around her.

One of the girls next to the victim was pregnant, so she moved her to a safer spot to enjoy the concert. She further noted that she has no interest in losing her career over a weak punch to the ear, and that she’s definitely been punched harder.

This is not the first fight to break out at a Morgan Wallen show. Back in October 2022, a violent altercation broke out between a group of girls at his first ever arena show. (RELATED: Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Stops Concert To Kick Out Fighting Fans)

When I was recently asked why I had no interest in going to see Wallen live, I cited the pathetic little girls like this who feel some desire to get into physical altercations instead of going to therapy to deal with their issues. Contrary to popular belief, being in a fistfight does not make you cool, tough, or smart. It means you failed to control your emotions, so you failed as a person.