Brutal Chick Fight Caught On Video At Morgan Wallen Concert


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A violent fight broke out between a group of women Saturday at country music star Morgan Wallen’s first-ever arena show.

At least three women were involved in the physical altercation in Arlington, Texas, with a majority of the violence occurring between two blonde women and a much older woman with black hair. All three wore the traditional country music uniform of denim short-shorts and cowboy boots. Video of the fight circulated on social media following the concert, with a handful of users responding with some pretty funny comments.

“Gross over the hill used up beef Jerky women need to just retire to their local dive bar where they belong,” wrote one user in response to the fight. Another user claimed that the two blonde women had started the fight, but this is currently unconfirmed.

Security eventually broke up the fight with the help of one concert-goer, but not before a significant number of men — sorry, boys — stood around doing nothing like a bunch of incel losers. One just held his beer up above the chaos and watched on. (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Eviscerates Cancelation Efforts, Sets Country Music Record)

Wallen is notorious for stopping his concerts whenever a fan is in trouble or he sees a fight break out, but clearly some of his fans don’t have the same sense of right and wrong. Nevertheless, the altercation didn’t take away from this being the largest concert ever held at the Globe Life Arena, as well as Wallen’s first arena show and his largest show to date.