‘1923’ Star Brandon Sklenar Drops Load Of Potential Spoilers In Interview

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“1923” star Brandon Sklenar dropped another swath of spoilers about the series in an interview with Deadline published Sunday.

Sklenar wasn’t as coy as he might have tried to be when being pushed on the future of his character Spencer Dutton on “1923” and the legacy of the “Yellowstone” franchise. In the mid-season return of the show, viewers were left wondering whether Dutton and his new wife, Alex (Julia Schlaepfer), had drowned on a voyage to the Suez canal.

Show creator Taylor Sheridan is typically pretty careful about revealing spoilers ahead of time, but is also blunt with the violent deaths throughout his iconic series. Since we didn’t see Alex and Spencer floating lifelessly in the ocean next to their upturned tugboat, one can hope they somehow managed to make it to safety to continue their journey back to Montana and the Dutton-Yellowstone Ranch.

When asked whether Alex will get along with his aunt, Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren), Sklenar said that “she’s definitely got it in her. Cara and her will really get along.” Okay, so that’s definitely not confirming or denying their death, but saying “will” suggests that Alex and Cara will meet on screen. (RELATED: The Budget For ‘1923’ Will Make Your Brain Melt)

Sklenar, when asked about his horseriding skills, said they’re “better than they were when I first got to Montana.” Sheridan’s cowboying bootcamp is the thing of legend, but as Spencer Dutton’s entire story has been set and filmed on location in Africa for the entire series thus far, this comment also suggests he and hopefully Alex make it back West.

As a final hint at their survival, Sklenar said that “the audience and Alex will learn more about him,” so while this isn’t definitive confirmation of his survival, it feels safe to say we’ll see Spencer back in Montana before “1923” concludes. The only real question is whether he’ll actually survive to father or grandfather Kevin Costner’s “Yellowstone” lead character, John Dutton.