UFC Star Dustin Poirier Smacks Troll During Mardi Gras Parade For Disrespecting His Wife

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @TheArtOfWar6]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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What a perfectly executed move by this troll — now he needs to take advantage of it.

A troll nearly got the earth smacked out of him after he came at former UFC champion Dustin Poirier holding a sign that read, “Hey Dustin, your wife’s in my DM’s,” during a Mardi Gras parade in Louisiana. The sign was a reference to Conor McGregor for a comment that he made after he fought Poirier and got hurt.

The bearded troll, who clearly had a friend filming this for the content gold, walked up to the vehicle that Poirier was riding in and showed him the sign. Poirier glanced at the sign for a moment, motioned for the man to come over to him, and then when the troll got close, Poirier attempted to smack the shit out of him.

It looks like he made contact, but just grazed him, so technically we can say Poirier landed the smack, but barely.

You be the judge:

It was clear from the get-go that Poirier was leaning in to smack the troll, at least it was to me, so if I was that bearded gentleman, I would have let him smack the fire out of me — lawsuit, baby.

And that’s what this troll did so well: he put himself in a position where he can sue the shit out of Poirier for a payday.

I said that the troll executed his plan perfectly, but I have to say it was near-perfect rather than 100%, just because he should have taken a full smack across the face. That definitely would have been solid enough to land a fat settlement in court. But if I’m the troll with his circumstances, I’m still going for it. (RELATED: Alabama Star Brandon Miller Provided Gun Used To Kill Woman In Shooting, Police Say)

Any rich person out there, feel free to smack the living crap out of me.