There’s A Sport We’ve Never Heard Of Called Roofball, And It Looks Fun As Hell

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Adam Willis]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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This totally needs to become a thing in sports.

So apparently there’s this sport called Roofball, and despite it being around for years now from the looks of it, I’ve never heard of it up until this point. I came across it while I was looking through stories to blog about, and quite frankly, I instantly fell in love. It looks fun as hell.

Here’s a clip from the 2008 Roofball World Championships, which originally pulled me in:

I got curious and looked up the Roofball Federation of America (RFA) website, but unfortunately, all it says is ‘STAY TUNED FOR MORE ROOFBALL CONTENT!’ — which got me even more curious.

So I looked into this Roofball and RFA organization on social media and I came across their Twitter. In news that will further bum you out, it appears they haven’t been active since 2017, at least on the RFA account. (RELATED: Student Basketball Announcer Goes Absolutely Berserk After Snow Day Cancels School)

Which confuses me, because they had so much potential judging by their tweets:

By the way, I love how they had different cup tournaments like soccer. That’s pretty dope.

The RFA needs to become a thing again, and if you guys see this, contact me. I would love to be involved somehow.