Leo Terrell Sounds Off On Left-Wing Prosecutors’ Handling Of Rampant Crime Spike

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell took to Fox News on Monday to sound off on left-wing prosecutors and government officials over their handling of rampant crime in major U.S. cities.

Terrell responded to businessman George Soros funding left-wing prosecutors and district attorneys, who he said “play the race card” to be light on crime.

“The people they claim they’re trying to help — the people of color — are being hurt in these Democratic cities,” Terrell said. “The question I always ask is, where’s this racist boogie man in New York, in LA [Los Angeles], in Chicago? They’re run by people of color, but this going on and on and on and the only solution is that we need to have voters aware of this selection process by George Soros.”

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and Republican Missouri Gov. Mike Parson called for the resignation of Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner after a driver was not jailed despite violating bond nearly 50 times. The driver seriously injured 16-year-old volleyball player Janae Edmondson, who lost both of her legs after being pinned between two cars Saturday night while walking back to a hotel with her family. (RELATED: Gov. Mike Parson: Over 100 St. Louis Murders Go Uncharged While Kim Gardner Charges McCloskeys) 

“Kim Gardner is a train wreck,” Terrell said. “There’s a young 16-year-old girl who lost her legs because an armed robber who broke bond forty different times ran into this young lady while she was in St. Louis. You know what she’s doing right now? She’s playing the race card against the governor. That’s what they do. Kim Gardner is incompetent, Kim Gardner is hurting the people of color in the city of St. Louis and all people.”

“The problem is very simple,” he continued. “These types of cases, the district attorney cases, they don’t get the media attention and George Soros’ dark money is used to negate any challenges from the opposition candidate who believes in law and order, and that’s why Kim Gardner has been in office since 2016.”

The attorney said there will likely be no change to the crime spike in Democratic cities across the U.S. and called for action to be taken to vote these officials out of office.

Gardner attempted to prosecute Mark McCloskey after he and his wife Patricia pointed their firearms at Black Lives Matter rioters who trespassed onto their property. A Missouri Court of Appeals judge denied her request to proceed with prosecution proceedings.