Two United Flights Make ‘Contact’ On Airport Tarmac

[Screenshot/YouTube/ Chronicle 5 WCVB]

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In a growing string of incidents at American airports, two United flights made contact on the tarmac at Logan International Airport, authorities say.

Airport officials said that as a United flight was departing for Newark International Airport, it hit another United flight just before 9 a.m. as it was being pushed back from the gate, in preparation to depart to Denver, CBS News reported.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launched a “call to action” in February following a growing number of troubling incidents at American airports.

“We are experiencing the safest period in aviation history, but we cannot take this for granted. Recent events remind us that we must not become complacent. Now is the time to stare into the data and ask hard questions,”FAA administrator Billy Nolen stated Feb. 14.

“That’s why I’m forming a safety review team to examine the U.S. aerospace system’s structure, culture, processes, systems, and integration of safety efforts,” he announced.

Since the beginning of the year, the FAA has been plagued by near misses at airports across the country. In January, a collision was narrowly avoided after a plane crossed into the path of a plane making a landing at JFK International airport. In February, a cargo plane nearly landed on top of a passenger plane as it landed in Austin.  Later that same month, another collision was narrowly averted in California when a plane was cleared to take off as another one was landing. (RELATED: FAA Uncovers Cause Of Glitch That Shut Down All Domestic Air Travel) 

On Feb. 27, Logan International Airport was the scene of another near miss as a JetBlue flight nearly collided with a private Learjet that took off from the runway without clearance as the passenger  jet was making a landing.

“There are some problems. The incidents, quite frankly, are on the rise. We went from about eight a year and now this year up to about 20 per year or so. The problem is on the rise, and it is a combination of various factors,” pilot Kyle Bailey told “Fox & Friends.”

Officials at Logan Airport have stated that no one was harmed in the latest incident.

The Daily Caller contacted Logan Airport and United Airlines, to which they did not immediately respond.