So Much Glory: NHL Could Be Bringing Back The Atlanta Thrashers (And Launching A Franchise In Houston)

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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The return of the Atlanta Thrashers? I’m game!

Over the past few days, not one, but two prominent figures in hockey media have hinted on a great scale that two new teams could be coming to the National Hockey League, with one city having already featured a sexy brand once upon a time, and the other being rumored to get a franchise for years now.

The first team that has been brought up is one that could bring hockey back to Atlanta, where the NHL (unfortunately) failed with the Atlanta Thrashers, and speaking of the Thrashers, their swag could possibly be brought back as the ATL’s returning franchise. The Thrashers was a dope brand, you’ve gotta bring it back. The other location that was brought up was Houston, which has been rumored for years now to have an NHL franchise.

On Sunday, NHL insider Kevin Weekes hinted that this was happening, tweeting a pair of emojis that messaged out that he wasn’t saying a word when it comes to new franchises in Atlanta and Houston.

Before Weekes’ tweet, ESPN anchor John Buccigross made a ton of noise on social media, saying that Atlanta and Houston are hotspot destinations for the National Hockey League — Buccigross has been with ESPN since 1996 and is very well connected to the sport of hockey.

Oh, man … Can I pre-order my Atlanta Thrashers jersey now? (RELATED: Brawl Breaks Out In St. Louis Battlehawks-D.C. Defenders Game That Sees Helmets (And Literal Lemons) Flying)

I want this to happen so bad.