REPORT: Famous Comedian Mike Epps Found With Loaded Gun At Airport

Jesse Grant/[Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous comedian Mike Epps is under investigation after officials at Indianapolis International Airport reportedly found a loaded gun in his bag, Sunday.

Legal documents indicate security personnel discovered the loaded gun when Epps went through the checkpoint and promptly called for assistance. Epps was questioned about the weapon and indicated it was an innocent mistake and oversight on his part. The famous comedian said he was in town for a show and completely forgot the gun was in his bag, according to TMZ. Charges have not been filed at this time, but the investigation remains ongoing.

The gun police recovered was a .38 Special AirWeight revolver with four rounds loaded, “but none in the chamber,” according to TMZ. Revolvers do not have a single “chamber,” but rather a cylinder with multiple chambers, each of which holds one round. The Smith & Wesson 642 AirWeight holds five shots. TMZ may have meant the empty chamber was positioned to the right of the hammer so that that pulling the trigger once would not have discharged the weapon. The outlet may also have meant that the hammer was resting on the empty chamber — an unnecessary precaution carried over from the days of single-action revolvers, which had fewer safety features — in which case pulling the trigger would have fired the gun.

The firearm and ammunition have since been taken into police custody, where they remain as evidence.  (RELATED: Canada Institutes Complete Ban On Handgun Sales)

The police report has been forwarded to the Marion County Prosecutor’s office to determine if Epps will face any criminal charges surrounding this incident, TMZ reported.

This story continues to develop.