Draymond Green Completely Destroys Memphis’ Dillon Brooks In Trash-Talking Video Right Before Game Against One Another

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Wow! Draymond steamrolled him!

The beef between Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green and Memphis Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks ratcheted up to an intense level after Green completely hammered Brooks in an online video Wednesday.

During an episode of “The Draymond Green Podcast,” Green responded to previous comments Brooks made in regards to Green and the Warriors. In an interview March 3 with ESPN’s Tim Keown, Brooks said he didn’t like Green or Golden State, and that the four-time NBA champion in particular “talks a lot.”

Green originally had no interest in responding to Brooks, according to Keown, but he apparently decided to reverse course Wednesday and hit back at the Memphis guard.

Holy cow, that was brutal. And for two reasons: 1. Because of how blunt Draymond was, and 2. Because, well, he’s right.

The thing is, I have nothing against Dillon Brooks … but it’s kind of hard to talk about a player who has four championship rings, two Olympic gold medals and an NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. Draymond had him there in flying colors.

And then with the Warriors, man: They’ve won four championships in the past eight years — Memphis has never won an NBA championship in franchise history. (RELATED: REPORT: Kevin Durant Potentially Out For Regular Season In What Could Be Huge Landscape Change In Upcoming Playoffs)

Yeah, it’s a bit tough for Brooks to compete in the trash-talking game. He would have been better off just staying quiet and playing ball — Draymond went in so hard on Brooks that it just has Brooks looking embarrassed right now.

Man, that was rough.