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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Well … that’s one way to do it, I guess.

The Taiwan Beer (yes, they’re actually called “Beer”) faced off against the Changhua BLL in the Taiwanese Super Basketball League, with the latter having a six-point lead, according to brobible.

At one point during the game, the Beer’s Su Pai-chang was at the free-throw line attempting to chip away at Changhua’s lead, but while trying to concentrate at the line, he had a bit of a tough time trying to do so thanks to a group of cheerleaders. But these weren’t your average cheerleaders … no, no, no … these cheerleaders (known as the “LuxyGirls”) were doing splits and twerking, trying their best to distract Pai-chang.

And you know what?

It worked, with Pai-chang unable to hit his free throw.

And by the way, if you’re curious, here’s a closer look at these “LuxyGirls”:


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Hey … whatever works. Not only are they helping their team win, but they’re also giving some entertainment to the home crowd. I say it’s a win-win with these cheerleaders.

I wonder if the NBA would be interested in adopting this model for their cheerleaders. (RELATED: Charles Barkley Hilariously Trolls Kendrick Perkins After Race-Baiting Comments)

Probably not, but just imagine how something like that would go down.