Taylor Fritz’s Girlfriend Morgan Riddle Caught Checking Out His Opponent While He Changes Shirt

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Shame, Morgan Riddle. Shame.

If you’re not familiar with who Morgan Riddle is, she’s tennis star Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend. She became a ‘thing’ at last summer’s Wimbledon after the cameras caught her and made her go viral. So, whenever the fifth-ranked player in the world takes to the court, the cameras always focus on her.

While that might sound good, the attention came back to bite Riddle during a recent match Tuesday between Fritz and his opponent Marton Fucsovics at the Indian Wells Masters.

During the match, Fucsovics requested a change of wardrobe. As the chiseled Hungarian was replacing his shirt and showing his abs, the ladies in the crowd exploded — which led to the cameras looking for reactions.

Enter Morgan Riddle.

As the cameras were going around from lady to lady, they eventually struck Riddle, and just like every other woman in the crowd, she was caught checking out Fucsovics as he was changing his shirt. And when she realized that she was on camera, she was completely flustered, with her body language screaming that she was enjoying the views of her boyfriend’s opponent.

It’s always funny to me that women always complain about men “checking out” other women and being all about looks, but when women are placed in a similar position, they literally do the exact same thing. (RELATED: REPORT: Three South Carolina Football Players Charged And Suspended For Allegedly Hiding, Trying To Escape With AR-15)

Funny stuff, truly funny stuff.