Australian Blake Johnston Breaks Record For Longest Surf Session


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The record for the longest surf session was broken by an Australian man, who started his feat early Thursday morning.

Blake Johnston clocked in more than 40 hours at Cronulla Beach, south of Sydney, Australia, in aid of mental health awareness, according to the BBC. Johnston raised roughly $225,000 (AU$335,000) for charity throughout his session, describing himself as “pretty cooked” as he was carried up the beach on the shoulders of his friends.

Countless people joined Johnston on the beach, as seen in a video shared to Twitter by Australian reporter James Wilson.

Spotlights were set up to illuminate a portion of Cronulla’s beach known as “The Alley,” so Johnston could surf through the night, the BBC continued. By the time his session was over, he’d ridden more than 700 different waves.

Johnston is a former pro-surfer and distance runner, having run for 40 hours in the past, the BBC reported. The only time he emerged briefly from the ocean was around lunch on Friday, when he received a quick medical check. The BBC noted that he risked blindness, dehydration, ear infections, sleep deprivation, hypothermia, and animal attack while in the swell.

“I surfed at two in the morning with him, and the lights actually went out so it was pitch black,” Johnston’s brother told reporters. “There were a whole bunch of jellyfish out there, so it was interesting to say the least.”

As he emerged from the water, Johnston donned a cowboy hat and shared hugs and congratulations with those who came out to watch him. Footage shared at the time shows him receiving medical attention, and looking fairly exhausted after the ordeal. (RELATED: Ken Griffin’s Absurd Real Estate Record Beaten By Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach Estate)

The prior record for the longest surf session was held by South African Josh Enslin, who stayed in the water for 30 hours and 11 minutes, the BBC noted.