Stunning Videos Released As Heavy Storms Bring Threats Across The U.S.


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Stunning videos from the ground and space show the weather systems striking the U.S. in mid-March.

Powerful storms struck the continental U.S. in late March, bringing a series of extreme weather events from California and Alaska through the Southwest and all the way to the Upper Midwest, the National Weather Service noted on Tuesday. Bands of heavy rain, snow, mix precipitation, and thunderstorms are forecast throughout the rest of the month.

Footage from above Alaska showed a huge storm rolling into the region. High winds, snow, and blizzard conditions are anticipated to hit the west coast of Alaska up to the Bering Sea.

Similar footage was captured high above the western U.S. A timelapse video shared by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed a striking atmospheric river bringing heavy precipitation in the form of rain and snow to California and the Southwest.

One video shared by a local area news journalist showed what appears to be an extreme wind weather event in Carpentaria, California, which damaged homes and property. (RELATED: Sun Ramps Up Activity, Threatening Power Grid, Flights)

Drivers in California posted videos of heavy snowfall along the Grapevine on I-95, with more expected to stick through Wednesday, NWS noted. From northern California to the central coast, winds up to 80 mph are anticipated as the atmospheric river makes landfall, viral amateur meteorologist Colin McCarthy reported, along with a graphic of the system.