‘It Was Hard To Be Loyal’: MLB Hall Of Famer Reggie Jackson Admits To Being Serial Cheater

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — The Howard Stern Show]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Mr. October kept it real.

Being the subject of a new documentary that will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video starting Friday, MLB Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson is currently on the promotional tour. He made a stop Wednesday to speak with Howard Stern on SiriusXM about a multitude of topics in relation to the documentary.

At one point, Stern asked the New York Yankees legend if he had a hard time opening up his heart for women.

“It wasn’t hard for me to open my heart, but it was hard for me to be loyal,” said Jackson. “As a man, I cheated a lot.”

Jackson was completely blunt about his past infidelities.

“I won’t blame it on any excuse,” Jackson said. “I just cheated. I saw a pretty girl and I tried to sleep with her.”

Now I’m not advocating for cheating or anything like that, but I think we can all see what happened here, right?

If you were a professional baseball superstar like Reggie Jackson with millions of dollars in your bank account and championship rings on your fingers, with the glory and swag of the Yankees pinstripes giving you even more of an aura, you’d probably have the temptation too.

I mean, just imagine the amount of girls who were throwing themselves at Reg.

It’s like Ye said in ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’:

“How he stay faithful in a room full of h*es?”

I get it that it’s a part of the athlete’s expected lifestyle, but Reggie probably shouldn’t have gotten married, and I’m sure he knows this now. Do it big, be a balla, but not when you have a wife. (RELATED: UFC Octagon Girls Absolutely Stun While On Spring Break In Mexico)

But hey, stuff happens, and at least Reggie sees his mistakes now.