Transgender Activist Tells Ana Kasparian To Stop Being Concerned About Erasure Of Women

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James Lynch Contributor
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Transgender activist Alejandra Carabello, a biological male identifying as a female, posted a tweet Wednesday criticizing left-wing commentator Ana Kasparian’s concerns about the language some progressives use to describe women.

Kasparian took to twitter to air her displeasure with terms such as “person with a uterus,” “birthing person” and “person who menstruates.”

“I’m a woman. Please don’t ever refer to me as a person with a uterus, birthing person, or person who menstruates. How do people not realize how degrading this is? You can support the transgender community without doing this shit,” Kasparian wrote. (RELATED: ‘Young Turks’ Star Ana Kasparian Slams Liberals Using ‘Birthing Person’ To Describe A Woman)

Carabello replied by telling Kasparian to “fuck off with that stupid bullshit.”

“Trans folks are having their existence criminalized in state after state and you want to whine about this shit,” Carabello added. Carabello also hurled criticism at Kasparian’s employer, progressive media outlet The Young Turks, and its founder, Cenk Uygur.

“If you think our hundreds of videos defending trans rights aren’t enough (and probably much more aggressively and loudly than anyone else in media) and that slight differences of opinions around the edges means we should be disowned, have at it hoss! Still love ya, though!,” Uygur responded.

“I’m sure a lot of women don’t want to be minimized to a bodily function or body part,” Kasparian added in a reply to her original tweet, which had been viewed 16.1 million times as of Thursday morning.

Carabello is an attorney who has advocated for online censorship as a “clinical instructor” for Harvard’s cyberlaw clinic. Carabello described online rhetoric as a threat to democracy during testimony before Congress and advocated for accosting the six conservative Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade “every time they are in public.”