Woman’s Remains Uncovered In At-Home Fire Pit


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A North Carolina man shot himself, Sunday, shortly after first responders were called to an illegal trash burn where they discovered a woman’s incinerated body.

Cary Police Department were called to a residential property in the Raleigh-area suburb on reports of an illegal trash fire, ABC 11 reported. The homeowner, Ian Delauder, shot himself shortly after firefighters responded to the scene and found a woman’s body charred inside of a fire pit.

Police say the body belongs to 34-year-old woman Cecily Anne Walker (also known as Cecily Anne Walker-Scott), a Raleigh native. Another woman was also found at the property, alive, inside of an RV, ABC 11 continued. She is cooperating with investigators in the case.

“Although the exact cause and time of [Walker’s] death are still under investigation, her death has been ruled a homicide. The death of Ian Delauder brings us one step closer to finalizing this case, however, this is still an active investigation. Investigators are working to ensure no evidence has been overlooked. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of Cecily Walker-Scott and Ian Delauder as they move forward from this tragic event,” Cary police said of the situation, ABC 11 noted.

Delauder was arrested in March on drug charges, and has a “history” with the local police department. Police could not confirm the relationship between Walker and Delauder, and the investigation is ongoing, WRAL noted.

The crime has rocked the local community, ABC 11 continued. Cary was ranked as America’s safest city in 2022, according to another report from ABC 11.