EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Introduce Resolution To Remove Kamala Harris From Role As Border Czar

Photographer: Oliver Contreras/Abaca/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson on Friday reintroduced a resolution, first obtained by the Daily Caller, that calls for Vice President Kamala Harris to be removed from her position as border czar.

Friday marks two years since President Joe Biden appointed Harris as head of the border crisis, something Republicans are saying she and the president have completely failed to handle.

“Kamala Harris has done nothing to ‘address the root cause of migration’ or stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming across our border daily. She continues to sit by as the number of illegal immigrants coming across our border skyrockets, fentanyl deaths explode, and CBP officers are left to fend for themselves. She has completely betrayed the American people by blatantly disregarding her duties as Border Czar,” Jackson told the Caller before introducing the resolution.

“Enough is enough! President Biden must remove Kamala Harris and replace her with someone who will put Americans first and stop the crisis at our southern border. Politics should never compromise our national security. We need change now!,” Jackson added. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Introduce Resolution To Remove Kamala Harris From Role As Border Czar)


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There were 164,973 encounters with migrants at the southern border in February of 2022, which is up 7% from January and also a 63% increase from the previous year, according to new U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data. Jackson has visited the border three times whereas Harris has visited the southern border just once. Harris has downplayed calls for her to make more appearances in states like Texas and Arizona as “political games.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Republican To Introduce Bill Requiring Immigration Officials To Visit Border)

Jackson has also introduced a bill requiring executive branch officials tasked with immigration policy to visit the southern border and issue reports about conditions. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: RSC Votes To Endorse Border Security Policies That Must Be In Any Border Package Leadership Brings To Floor)

The original cosponsors of the resolution include Pennsylvania Rep. Dan Meuser, California Rep. Mike Garcia, Texas Rep. Brian Babin and Texas Rep. Randy Weber.