10-Year-Old Boy’s Nosebleed Ends Up Saving His Grandmother’s Life


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A 10-year-old Missouri boy became an unsuspecting hero after a late-night nosebleed led to him saving his grandmother’s life.

Keon White, a fourth grader from St. Louis County, was nursing a bloody nose while spending the night at his grandmother’s when he noticed something was wrong. His grandmother, Melanie Robinson, had also gotten up to change his little brother’s diaper, but appeared disoriented and confused, White told KMOV.

“She was trying to talk and she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t talk properly. I don’t know, she sounded like a zombie, and I thought she was just sleepy,” he said.

Robinson couldn’t respond when her grandson asked her what was wrong, telling the outlet “everything went black” before she fell off the bed and to the floor.

“I was screaming her name, and she wasn’t answering me, so I got her phone and dialed 911,” White told KMOV. “I told them my grandma wasn’t answering me and that her eyes was closed.”

Though he didn’t know what address to give the dispatchers, emergency personnel stayed on the phone with White, asking him questions about his grandmother, until help arrived. Medics told Robinson she had suffered a hypoglycemic crisis and could have entered a diabetic coma if she had not gotten help when she did, the outlet reported.

“It could have been very detrimental and the outcome could have been much worse than it was,” Adrianne McPherson, a registered nurse at the hospital where Robinson was treated told the outlet.

“I’m so proud of him,” Robinson said of her grandson. “Because if he hadn’t been there, I hate to think what would have happened,” adding that she plans to take her grandson out to dinner as a token of her appreciation. (RELATED: 5-Year-Old Saves Infant Brother’s Life After Parents Die In Crash, Leaving Kids Stuck For 55 Hours)

“I’ve always tried to instill in him the right thing to do. Now I just need to teach him my address!” Robinson stated.