‘Certificate Of Stupidity’: Italian Authorities Hunt For Man Who Jumped From Three-Story Building Into Venice Canal

(Screenshot/Public/Twitter/Luigi Brugnaro)

Brent Foster Contributor
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Italian authorities are in the midst of a hunt for a man who leaped off a three-story building and into a Venice canal, according to CNN.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro decried the man as an “idiot,” continuing in a Tweet posted on March 24 with a statement that the act warranted a “certificate of stupidity and a lot of kicks,” according to CNN.

Brugnaro expressed a desire for the arrest of the jumper, whom he dubbed a tourist, along with the individual behind the camera, saying authorities “are trying to identify him, to report him, him and his buddy below who made the stupid video for social media,” the outlet reported.

“He risked his life in that jump, but he is also a delinquent,” the mayor continued, saying the individuals “don’t understand the danger they create in this city” before questioning the potential consequences should a boat have passed underneath at the time of the jump, according to CNN.

Encouraging anyone who recognized the individual in the video to come forward, the mayor cautioned against liking the video on social media platforms, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Gondolas Sit In Mud As Lack Of Rain Leaves Venice’s Canals Dry)

Brugnaro said people “do these stupid things on social for the likes” but highlighted the potential prosecution the individuals involved in the jump now face, CNN reported.