Jean-Pierre Doubles Down On Blaming Republicans For Nashville Mass Shooting By Transgender Artist

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James Lynch Reporter
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre doubled down on blaming Republicans for the mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school carried out by a transgender artist.

Jean-Pierre appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday to support President Biden’s renewed push for an “assault weapons” ban in the wake of the Nashville mass shooting. (RELATED: White House Reacts To Nashville Mass Shooting By Blaming Republicans)

“We need Republicans in Congress to show some courage. This is what they owe these parents. This is what they owe these family members who are losing their loved ones. They need to show courage. We need gun safety laws, comprehensive gun safety laws. We need to ban assault rifles. These weapons of war do not belong on our streets,” Jean-Pierre said.

“And here’s the thing, what we will say, what I will say to Republicans in Congress, is what are you going to say to these parents? What are you going to say to these family members? 63% of Americans, and I heard this poll laid out here on the show earlier today, it’s a Politico poll, said that they want to see safer gun safety measures. They want to see that. That is the will of the people. So, Republicans need to listen to the majority of Americans in this country, the will of the people, and act,” she continued.

Jean-Pierre made similar comments at Monday’s White House press briefing as details about the Nashville mass shooting were emerging. The attack was carried out by Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old female identifying as transgender with “he/him” pronouns. (RELATED: Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The Transgender Nashville Shooter)

Hale killed three children and three adult employees before police officers fatally shot her. She was once a student at the school and planned the attack ahead of time with detailed maps of its entrances.