California State Sen. Scott Wiener Calls Christian Org A ‘Hate Group’ For Saying ‘Men Cannot Have A Menstrual Cycle’


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Democratic California state Sen. Scott Wiener called a Christian advocacy organization a “hate group” after its outreach coordinator testified during a hearing Thursday that men cannot have a menstrual cycle.

The hearing concerned Senate Bill 59, which would mandate free menstrual products in all bathrooms in state-owned buildings and hospitals, including in men’s bathrooms. (RELATED: Clip Surfaces Of TV Show That Lets 10-Year-Olds Stare At Naked Trans People)

“Only females have to endure monthly menstruation where the lining of the uterus sheds, causing blood to flow from their uterus, through their cervix and out of their vagina,” said Sophia Lorey, outreach coordinator for the California Family Council. “Does a man have a uterus? No. Does a man have a cervix? No. Does a man have a vagina? No. Thus, males do not have a menstrual cycle. Let me repeat that: males do not and cannot have a menstrual cycle. Your bill makes a mockery of this reality.”

“Think of the hard-fought battles women endured for the right to vote, to own property, to run for office and to be treated legally as equal to men,” she continued. “We went from fighting for women’s rights to now fighting for men’s rights to feminine products.”

In response, Wiener denounced the “hate groups” that testified against the bill.

“With respect to some of the anti-LGBTQ hate groups who testified today — and that’s what they are, let’s just be clear, and especially the one anti-LGBTQ hate group that is now, I guess, portraying itself as having some thought for women’s equality,” Wiener said. “I want to be clear that these same homophobic, transphobic organizations opposing this bill today — this whole notion that it’s somehow pro-women to be anti-trans is absurd, and I want to thank the author and all the supporters and sponsors for acknowledging that.”

In 2019, Wiener introduced a bill in the California Senate that would allow biological males to access women’s prisons. In 2022, he introduced legislation that made California a sanctuary for out-of-state parents seeking to obtain sex-change hormones and surgeries for their children. The law took effect in Jan. 2023.