Hockey Player Gets Livid With Referee And Slings A Bucket Of Pucks In Icy Temper Tantrum

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @spittinchiclets]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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You gotta love beer league hockey.

If you don’t know what beer league hockey is, it’s pretty much a bunch of people who get together to play recreational hockey in a league format. And it’s meant as a way to have fun rather than to kill each other like they do in the NHL, but sometimes, competition sets and things can get intense — like the video we have today.

Now I’m not sure what sparked up this whole thing and why this guy gets so mad, but let’s be honest: we’re all here for the entertainment value. And that’s exactly what you’ll get as you’ll see a referee make a player so mad that he picks up an entire bucket of pucks and just slings them on the ice.

It’s one of the most glorious temper tantrums I’ve ever seen.

I’m glad I saw this.

I’m into beer league hockey and the National Hockey League, but I’m not where I should be, but I’m happy to report that my NHL fandom is indeed growing, and overall hockey fandom. Like I said, I’ve always been into hockey, but I never watched enough games to get fully into it. But lately, I’ve been watching hockey like crazy.

It never made sense to me why I couldn’t get into it, because when I do watch it, I’m having the time of my life. The speed and intensity of the game just makes everything so entertaining. (RELATED: Fan Goes On Los Angeles Dodgers’ Field To Propose And Gets Absolutely Hammered By Security)

And then you have these beer league hockey clips. Just … so great.