Mexican Referee Fernando Hernandez Knees Leon’s Lucas Romero In The Groin As He Gives Him A Yellow Card

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Mexican referee Fernando Hernandez has been hit with a 12-match suspension after kneeing a player in the groin during a Saturday soccer match between Club León and the Mexico City-based Club América.

Romero was also handed a two-match ban for his reaction to Hernandez.

“To the fans and public in general, I offer an apology, as well as to Romero, for my reaction,” said Hernandez. “I would never attack him or any other player. I am aware of this and I will abide by the decision of the Disciplinary Commission.”

Wow … some of the craziest stuff happens in soccer, and here we go again.

Just imagine the firestorm in the American media if a referee in the NFL or NBA did something like this, or an umpire in MLB. Oh my God, it would be absolutely out of this world. (RELATED: Luka Dončić Implies He’s Too Tired To Play Defense)

But in soccer … this stuff is completely normal. I love it!