Biden Says He ‘Plans To Run’ In 2024, Not ‘Prepared To Announce It Yet’

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Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden confirmed his plans Monday to run for president in 2024, adding that his campaign isn’t ready to make an official declaration.

“I plan on running but we’re not prepared to announce it yet,” Biden told NBC News at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The president and White House staff have repeatedly stated his intention to run in 2024, but his Monday remarks are the most definite yet.

First lady Jill Biden hinted in February that all the president has left to do is “figure out the time and place for the announcement.” Days after, she appeared to backtrack her comments, saying, “it’s Joe’s decision” and “we support whatever he wants to do.”

“If he’s in, we’re there. If he wants to do something else, we’re there too,” she continued.

In early February, the president appeared to cast doubt on the certainty of his 2024 run, suggesting that he will consider his health and family in the decision. (RELATED: ‘I Think People Have To Just Watch Me’: Biden Reveals Thoughts On His Health, Running In 2024)

“I would be completely, thoroughly honest with the American people if I thought there was any health problem, anything that would keep me from being able to do the job. And and, so we’ll see. But, you know, I just — I think people have to just watch me,” Biden said in an interview with PBS at the time. “I haven’t made that decision. That’s my intention, I think. But I haven’t made that decision firmly yet.”