New York Mets’ Luis Guillorme And Tomás Nido Pull Off Unbelievable Hits (If You Can Even Call Them That)

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This was absolutely incredible.

The New York Mets — at least infielder Luis Guillorme and catcher Tomás Nido — looked completely robotic Monday night as they had almost identical “hits” against the San Diego Padres.

Max Scherzer was lights out against the Padres allowing just one hit in five innings, leading the Mets to a 2-0 lead going into the bottom of the seventh inning. With the small advantage, however, New York had the mindset that they needed to put some insurance runs on the scoreboard. So with this being the case, the Mets got very aggressive.

New York outfielder Mark Canha reached second base with the Mets having no outs against them, and that’s when Guillorme came to the plate to attempt a bunt to push Canha over to third. And that bunt?

It would be utter perfection, rolling down the third baseline in such a crisp way that it had San Diego third baseman Manny Machado mesmerized as it stayed fair the whole time. As a result, Guillorme managed to get on base.

Only two batters later, Nido came to the plate and was trying to knock the ball, however he only made slight contact and it ended up rolling down the third baseline in nearly the exact same fashion as Guillorme’s bunt.

Machado (as well as Padres pitcher Yu Darvish) was once again in shock, with Citi Field absolutely ecstatic.

All of the chaos would lead the New York Mets to a 5-0 win. (RELATED: Baltimore Orioles Have A Glorious Home Run Celebration That Features Something Fantastic Called A ‘Dong Bong’)

What a scene.