Teddi Mellencamp Claims She Had A One Night Stand With Matt Damon


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Tamra Judge outed Teddi Mellencamp during Tuesday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live,” announcing the latter’s one-night-stand with Matt Damon.

Judge began by hinting about Mellencamp’s hook-up, and eventually the truth was revealed while on-air. Judge brought up the topic and tried to drag the news out of Mellencamp herself. “She mentioned it on a podcast, and then went back and told producers, ‘Take that guy’s name out,'” Judge said to Lewis. “And so now, I tell people, ‘If you guys wanna know, just DM and I’ll tell you who it is,” she said. A few hints were dropped, and it was soon revealed that she had hooked up with Damon when she was only 20 years old.

“She tells people on the DMs. I’m like, ‘Stop telling people,” Mellencamp said, as Judge began revealing clues about Damon’s identity.

“I did not want to out this guy. Who knows?!” Mellencamp exclaimed.

In spite of pushing back against revealing his name, Mellencamp did drop a clue for eager fans.

“He has a very famous best friend as well,” she said.

The initials “M’ and “D” were floated and eventually one of Lewis’ producers joined the conversation and boldly shouted Damon’s name.

Mellencamp was asked about how old she was at the time, and the age difference between her and Damon was then outed on the show.

“He was probably 30 — ten years older,” the 41-year-old reality TV star said. (RELATED: Christina Aguilera Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Extremely Candid Conversation About Sex Life)

“I only slept with him one night. He didn’t get my number.” she said on the podcast.

Mellencamp continued to throw other possible names out, even after it was already established that she had slept with Damon.

“You guys! There’s so many other MDs out there. There’s Matt Dillon,” Mellencamp said. “There’s Michael Douglas,” she said.rEe

Leena Nasir