Middle School Hosted ‘Disturbing’ Licking Game With Students

The Reaction with Chrissy Clark / The Daily Caller

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A middle school principal is facing disciplinary action for an “inappropriate ‘sexualized’ licking game between students and staff,” according to KTTH host Jason Rantz.

Desert Hills Middle School in Washington hosted an assembly and fundraiser that featured two plexiglass panes put in the middle of the school gymnasium. Each side of the glass had four splashes of marshmallow cream. Students and staff competed to lick it off the plexiglass.

The school sent out an email condemning this. Parents claim that the educator licking the glass is the vice principal and the school’s principal was seen filming the game. “Some students felt very uncomfortable, and the activity was highly disturbing,” Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce said, the outlet reported.

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