Enormous 13-Foot Crocodile Beheaded On Beach


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An enormous 13-foot crocodile was found beheaded on a remote Australian beach in April, in a suspected trophy killing.

The massive dinosaur-like creature was found on Cow Bay Beach, according to News.com.au. Local officials from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service were unable to determine how the crocodile died, but the description of the carcass is pretty brutal.

“The crocodile, which was missing its skull, was too decomposed to conduct a necropsy and was buried on Country,” the Wildlife Service told the outlet. A local crocodile expert, photographer, and protection activity, Tommy Chalmers Hayes, rushed to the scene upon learning of the attack, and posted a series of videos of the situation on his Instagram.


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Personally, I think Tommy’s response is completely measured given the situation. (RELATED: Pet Kangaroo Kills Owner, Tries To Stop Paramedics From Saving Him, Police Say)

It’s my personal experience that only small, not-very-well endowed men do trophy murders of animals. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten crocodile, but I probably have, and don’t understand why someone would kill any animal unless they intended to eat it.

For example, researchers discovered a record-breaking cane toad in Queensland, Australia in January. These so-called “experts” (wildlife prison guards, more like) then decided to kill it so they could study it. Apparently the toad was part of an invasive species, as if humans aren’t an invasive species too?