Two Utah Homes Slide Off Cliff Into Canyon After Being Deemed Unsafe For Habitation

Screenshot/Twitter/Fox 13 News Utah

Frances Floresca Contributor
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Over the weekend, two Utah homes slid down a canyon, several months after officials deemed it was unsafe to live in them.

Footage shared by Fox 13 News Utah captured the homes collapsing and sliding off a cliff in the middle of what appears to be a snowstorm. Cracking noises can also be heard as the homes collapse. (RELATED: Beachfront Houses Collapse Into Ocean At The Outer Banks)

Eric and Carole Kamradt were forced out of their home in October 2022 after living there for less than a year, according to Fox 13. They said that they lost more than just their home, as they also lost scrapbooks and photo albums in the wreckage.

However, Edge Homes, which built the houses, disagreed with the city’s decision that the homes were unsafe, according to Fox 13 News. “The independent experts had confirmed the homes were structurally sound and that the helical piers we installed effectively stopped the homes from additional settlement/movement,” a November letter provided to Fox 13 News by one family read.

Troy Walker, the mayor of Draper, Utah, said that it appears as if proper building procedures were not followed when the two homes were made. “It’s not a mudslide or a landslide in the typical sense, it’s not native land that just gave way. This is actually man-made land that gave way, so that’s what is unique about it,” he told Utah’s Morning News, KSL News Radio reported.

Two other homes near the collapsed houses were reportedly evacuated as they are also at risk of collapsing, Fox 13 reported. Officials believe that the soil and snow caused the homes to slide into the canyon.

The City of Draper Communications department did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.