80-Year-Old California Woman Dies After Heavy Snow Causes Porch To Collapse


Emily Cope Contributor
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An 80-year-old woman was killed in Northern California after heavy snowfall caused her porch roof to collapse.

Storms in Foresthill, California, brought three feet of snow in under twenty-four hours on Tuesday, leaving roofs heavily burdened, KMAX reported. The 80-year-old woman was caught under the collapse of her porch roof, and neighbors were unable to pull her out, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Videos Show Floods, Snow Causing Mass Damage And Chaos In California)

The woman was in cardiac arrest by the time firefighters arrived at the scene. She passed away after being rushed to the hospital.

One neighbor, Allan Carlson, told the outlet he became concerned when he saw first responders arriving at the woman’s home.

“We just saw the activity and knew it wasn’t good,” Carlson said. “We were just watching all the snow come down, and it was just nonstop. And then the paramedics came in and then a captain right after that.”

“Make sure you shovel,” he added. “Keep the weight off, you know, cause this is, we’ve got a lot of weight. You can see the house over there. You can see how much amount of snow that’s up there on the roof.”

The weight of the snow has also snapped power lines, leading to power outages across the community, the outlet reported.