Scientist Roasted For Proposing All-Female Mission To Mars


Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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A science reporter argued in a Big Think article published Monday that the first crewed mission to Mars should be all-female.

Journalist Ross Pomeroy, an editor at RealClearScience, claimed his proposal had nothing to do with fairness, but was about “using every possible advantage.” Women, Pomeroy claimed, have the advantage of being “better suited to long-duration space travel than men” and would “likely require significantly fewer resources.”

According to its mission statement, Big Think aims to “introduce you to the brightest minds and boldest ideas of our time, inviting viewers to explore new ways to work, live, and understand our ever-changing world.” The article was published in the site’s “Hard Science” section.

As the piece spread on Twitter, multiple users mocked the scientific rigor of the piece.

Some predicted the communication problems that would ensue with an all-female team team of astronauts:



Others anticipated that a rescue mission would become necessary:

One Twitter user compared landing the ship to choosing a restaurant:

Others guessed who might join the crew given the inability of politicians and scientists to even define what a woman is:

Things weren’t all fun and games, though. Some users just couldn’t take a joke: