Biden, DNC Take Criticism From All Sides On Lack Of Primary Debates


Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are taking heat from all sides of the political spectrum for refusing to hold primary debates.

Biden is currently facing two Democratic challengers in the presidential election — self-help author Marianne Williamson and former environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The DNC has not scheduled a single Democratic primary debate, despite Kennedy polling at nearly 20%.

Parties usually do not hold debates when there is an incumbent. The Republican National Convention (RNC) did not host debates with Donald Trump for the 2020 election. Biden’s opponents, however, took aim at the DNC for not forcing Biden to the stage, accusing the organization of not being “democratic.”

“Disappointed certainly, because I believe in democracy. I believe that the political party should stay out of the issue until the primary voters have weighed in, and then whoever wins the primaries, that’s who the DNC, or the RNC for that matter, should support,” Williamson said.

“There’s too many Americans who already think that the whole system is rigged against them. And this is confirmation of that. And I think that’s troubling,” Kennedy told Breitbart.

Numerous other voices scrutinized the DNC for preemptively choosing Biden as the Democratic pick. Some proposed holding a separate debate for his opponents.

“If somebody runs for president, you expect them to go out, shake hands and kiss some babies and most of all, get on the debate stage,” Fox News host Jesse Watters said. “Nineteen percent of Democrats are already siding with his primary opponent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s pulling the same numbers in the polls as DeSantis. He’s nothing to sneeze at. If anybody deserves to debate Joe, it’s him.” (RELATED: ‘We’re Not Getting A Free And Fair Election’: Watters Blasts DNC For Not Holding Primary Debates)

Former Democratic Ohio state Sen. and national co-chair for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign Nina Turner called the DNC’s choice “undemocratic.”

Radio host Charlamagne Tha God called the DNC “whacked” for shutting down “discussion” between the candidates.

Clinical psychologist and author Jordan Peterson invited Kennedy and Williamson for a debate, apparently joking that Biden’s voice will be provided by ChatGBT.

Podcast host Joe Rogan and political commentator Dave Smith speculated that Kennedy was the reason for the lack of debates.

“They don’t want to let RFK on a stage with Biden. RFK will rip that old man up,” Smith said.

The White House directed the Daily Caller to the DNC on questions regarding Biden’s debates.

The DNC did not immediately respond to an inquiry from the Caller.