Cillian Murphy Reveals The One Lead Role He Was Secretly ‘Desperate’ To Play


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor Cillian Murphy has had a full and successful career, but he recently revealed his most recent work is an actual dream come true.

Murphy has played the lead role in the hit Netflix series “Peaky Blinders”, the corrupt psychiatrist Dr. Crane/Scarecrow, in “Batman”, the conflicted heir to a business empire in “Inception” and a traumatized soldier in “Dunkirk,” but what he secretly really wanted, was to play a lead role in a Christopher Nolan film. The actor was in complete awe when Nolan called upon him to star in his upcoming film, “ Oppenheimer,” according to a recent interview with The Associated Press.

The Irish actor has been heavily immersed in Nolan’s films dating as far back as two decades, but has always been cast as a supporting role. Being cast in this role was the moment he had been waiting for .

“He’s so understated and self-deprecating and, in his very English manner, just said, ‘Listen, I’ve written this script, it’s about Oppenheimer. I’d like you to be my Oppenheimer,’” Murphy said to The Associated Press.

“It was a great day.”

Murphy opened up about his boyish-excitement and the deep respect he had for Nolan.

“I have always said publicly and privately, to Chris, that if I’m available and you want me to be in a movie, I’m there. I don’t really care about the size of the part,” he said.

“But deep down, secretly, I was desperate to play a lead for him.”

“We have this long-standing understanding and trust and shorthand and respect,” Murphy said.

“He’s had a profound impact on my life, creatively and professionally. He’s offered me very interesting roles over and I’ve found all of them really challenging. And I just love being on his sets.”

The actor described how he had all the feels when he was finally chosen.

“It felt like the right time to take on a bigger responsibility. And it just so happened that it was a fucking huge one,” he said to The Associated Press.

The highly-anticipated film embraces a complex storyline, and Murphy’s time on-set proved to be as thrilling as he imagined it to be. (RELATED: REPORT: Police Called To Keanu Reeves’ House For Welfare Check On Young Female)

“Any actor would want to be on a Chris Nolan set, just to see how it works and to witness his command of the language of film and the mechanics of film and how he’s able to use that broad canvas within the mainstream studio system to make these very challenging human stories.”

“Oppenheimer,” opens in theaters on July 21 and features an all-star cast including Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., and Gary Oldmam.