Viral Video Shows Ben Affleck Looking Downright Annoyed With Jennifer Lopez


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A viral video of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is causing a stir online, with many fans suggesting this is proof that there’s trouble brewing for “Bennifer.”

The video started off as a normal clip of the couple walking toward their car. Lopez had a beverage in her hand as she casually made her way to their vehicle.

Once at the car, Affleck opened the door for his wife. This seemed like a chivalrous gesture – but only for a second. The moment Lopez was safely tucked into the car, Affleck flung the door closed with a certain air of exasperation and frustration that can’t be denied. As he walked around to the driver’s side of the vehicle, the look on his face confirmed his mood.

Affleck was visibly upset about something, and although many have commented on his angry and irritable facial expressions in the past, this particular moment really stood out.

Seconds after he flung Lopez’ door shut, Affleck swung his arm up, as if he wanted to slam the car window.

Fans have a variety of interpretations of this now-viral clip. Some believe he was upset with Lopez, while others defended the couple and suggested Affleck may have simply been annoyed with the paparazzi filming them.

Let’s face it – Affleck has been famous for a long time and ample time to get used to the paparazzi. He knew the media frenzy would increase when he married Lopez, so none of this camera-attention should be surprising for the famous actor. (RELATED: ‘There’s Maggots’: Ben Affleck Slams Matt Damon For Being A Terrible Roommate)

Regardless of the reason for his mood, one thing is apparent in this video, and in a number of other candid moments captured of the couple – Affleck doesn’t look very happy at all.