Tennessee Titans Ask Randoms On The Street To Identify Their 2023 Opponents, And The Results Are Absolutely Glorious

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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In terms of comedy, the Titans dropped an outright banger with this one.

For a lot of sports fans (including myself), we like to play guessing games with our non-sports fan friends and family in regards to the athletic world, and this because of a lot of answers being flat-out gold. For example, I think we’ve all played the game where we got them to guess team names based on just seeing their logos. The fun is unreal.

Well, that’s exactly what the Tennessee Titans did to announce their 2023 NFL schedule, taking to social media Thursday to drop an absolutely hilarious video with some of the most glorious answers from fans who don’t know a single thing about football — well, except for their local Titans.

Tennessee‘s social media team went to the popular Broadway Street in Nashville, which has a reputation for its bars, tourism sites and bachelorette parties. Yes, bachelorette parties. While the crew was there, they asked random people if they could identify the teams that the Titans are playing in the 2023 season by just looking at their logos.

And absolute gold … absolute gold is what this produced:

My Miami Dolphins came out with some heat for their 2023 NFL schedule reveal video, but this has to be the best one out of all of them (I’d put my Fins in second place). Who didn’t die laughing when that lady said the “Boston Bobcats”? (RELATED: Denver Nuggets Advance To Western Conference Finals After Blowout 125-100 Victory Over Phoenix Suns; Win Series, 4-2)

The Tennessee Titans won the internet with this one.