Umpire Saves Florida Youth Baseball Player From Getting Slammed By ‘Dustnado’ In Horrifying Scene

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Somebody give this umpire a medal!

What started out as a normal 7U youth baseball game in Florida became a horrifying scene when a “dustnado” (also known as a “dust devil” or “dirt devil”) nearly slammed a young catcher, who was saved just in time by an heroic umpire.

Up until the fourth inning of the contest, the weather was solid, but then all-out insanity broke out. When the batter was coming up to the plate, what appeared to be a miniature dust tornado (the dustnado) just came out of nowhere, touching down right in the middle of the batter, catcher and umpire. And obviously it wasn’t an actual tornado, but these dirt devils certainly have the capability to inflict some serious harm to a human being and cause damage to property.

While the ‘nado was doing its thing, the catcher looked completely confused and shell-shocked as to what was going on, causing him to stand there frozen — and as a result was about to get outright slammed by the dust devil. But the umpire noticed that the child wasn’t moving, and incredibly rushed in and picked up the youngster, taking him to safety.

Just check out this hero:

Holy cow, could you imagine being the parent of that kid?

As the father of two daughters and step-father of two other girls, I’d be straight up terrified for my kids and would be rushing out onto the field. I wouldn’t be able to help myself. But then when I realize that the umpire ran my kid to safety? (RELATED: Video Shows Youth Baseball Coach Tackling Umpire In Outright Wild Scene)

Oh yeah, that man is getting a cash prize or a steak dinner, or something.

Fast-thinking and quick-witted. I love people like that, especially when it comes to crucial moments.