Famous Rapper Refuses To Cancel Blockbuster Car Show Despite Being Denied Permit

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous rapper Rick Ross will not let a rejected permit request from Fayette County, Georgia stop him from hosting his 2nd annual car show on June 3.

The hip hop mogul invited thousands of fans to attend the show on his Fayetteville, GA property. He hired a professional event planning agency to make sure everything happens as planned, according to TMZ.

Fayette County said they rejected the permit because Ross was not in compliance with the county’s zoning ordinances and last year’s event without approval, per TMZ. Ross views his car show as a cash cow for the region and believes the county should be grateful for the economic boost he is providing.

Ross stated he was annoyed by the county’s interference the day prior to his initial event. “I hired maybe 20x more security, the whole nine yards,” he told TMZ, as he listed the city’s demands. He said he was informed of their requests at “4pm the day before.”

“So I believe it was just very unprofessional, very un-classy, and you know the show goes on,” he said. As for the consequences, he’s not sure if he will be facing any just yet. “There may be a fine, there may not,” he said.

Ross feels he’s doing a good thing by hosting the car show and is surprised the county is isn’t showing appreciation for his efforts.

“It’s a lot of big business for this county,” he said. “It’s a lot of money we bring in to the city, as well as entertainment, as well as music!” he said.

“The city should pay me for this,” Ross said to TMZ.

Ross was asked how many people he’s expecting based on last year’s attendance. “I’m not sure, I believe it was estimated, maybe close to 7,000 ppl maybe,” he said.

“The city is getting a lot from this. The Airbnb that were usually $500 for three days are $4,000 now,” Ross said.

“The amount of petroleum that will be sold on that one day, on June 3, by the visitors, the people driving in, they’ll sell more gas than they could in 90 days,” Ross said to TMZ. (RELATED: Shy Glizzy Allegedly Threatened To Kill Girlfriend And Her Family)

Ross noted the other ways his event was generating money for the community. “The hotels, the food, the list goes on and on,” Ross said. He has no plans to back down, and the show is moving forward as planned.