‘Deep Yearning’: Star Wars Actor Reveals What Convinced Him To Take Famous Role

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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English Actor Anthony Daniels recalled to CBS News Thursday what convinced him to portray famous droid C-3PO in the Star Wars franchise.

In celebration of 40 years since “The Return of The Jedi” was released on the big screen, Daniels detailed to CBS News his first impression when introduced to the role. Daniel said “I didn’t want to play C-3PO” until he saw “the painting of him.”

“The character’s eyes looked into my eyes, and it was a deep yearning. Either I was to go in the frame, or he was to come out, it was easier for me to go into the picture,” Daniels explained. (RELATED: Carrie Fisher Posthumously Nominated For Emmy Award)

“I’m so grateful… for having done that because maybe somehow I managed to get some of that back quality into C-3PO,” added Daniels. The star actor revealed his new book “I Am C-3PO,” during his interview with CBS.

Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in several Star Wars films, recalls the moment he decided to play the lovable droid. pic.twitter.com/2B2IToe5ZG

— CBS News (@CBSNews) May 25, 2023

Star Wars is a fictional space franchise created in 1977 by George Lucas that follows the benevolent Jedis in their quest to defeat the evil order of the Siths and restore order in the galaxy. The acclaimed franchise has earned more than $10 billion at global box offices to date, before being adjusted for inflation.

When talking about the tragic death of fellow Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who famously portrayed Princess Leila, Daniels said he was thrilled she got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame near his own on May 4. “She was kind, witty, intelligent, sensitive… hugely generous. And above all, she was funny,” he told CBS.

Daniels said the iconic phrase, “may the force be with you. Always,” to conclude the interview.