Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Says FBI Scared Informant Will Be ‘Killed’ After Making Allegations About Biden Family

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Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna said Monday the FBI is worried its confidential source would be “killed” if their identity was revealed after coming forward with allegations about the Biden family.

“Just left meeting for House Oversight. The [FBI] is afraid their informant will be killed if unmasked, based on the info he has brought forward about the Biden family,” the House Oversight Committee member wrote on Twitter.

Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, threatened Monday to begin proceedings to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress due to the agency refusing to comply with a subpoena to hand over a document to the committee.

The FD-1023 document allegedly details how President Joe Biden was involved in a “pay-to-play” scheme with a foreign national while he was serving as vice president, according to a whistleblower who spoke to the committee, Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told the Daily Caller. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘We Can’t Trust The FBI’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims FBI ‘Protecting Joe Biden’ By Withholding Document)

The FBI allowed committee members to look at the document Monday but did not hand over the unclassified material, Comer said, NBC News reported.

The FBI told the Daily Caller in a statement that handing over the document could reveal the identity of the anonymous source who made the allegations against Biden.

“The FBI’s mission is to protect the American people. Releasing confidential source information could potentially jeopardize investigations and put lives at risk. The FBI remains committed to cooperating with Congress’s oversight requests on this matter and others as we always have,” the FBI said.

“An FD-1023 form is used by FBI agents to record unverified reporting by a confidential human source. Documenting the information does not validate it, establish its credibility, or weigh it against other information verified by the FBI,” the Bureau continued.

The document is part of a larger House Oversight Committee investigation into the Biden family. The committee released a memo May 10 alleging several members of the Biden family funneled a total of $10 million into various bank accounts while Joe Biden was vice president.

The White House has repeatedly dismissed the allegations.

White House spokesman Ian Sams said Comer “has a history of playing fast and loose with the facts and spreading baseless innuendo while refusing to conduct his so-called ‘investigations’ with legitimacy,” NBC News reported at the time.

“He has hidden information from the public to selectively leak and promote his own hand-picked narratives as part of his overall effort to lob personal attacks at the President and his family,” Sams said in a statement, according to the outlet.

White House National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby said Monday he hadn’t read the House Oversight Committee’s May 10 report, but has “no” national security concerns about it.

Luna did not immediately respond to an inquiry from the Daily Caller.