Insane Video Shows Jared Leto Scaling A Hotel Building Without A Harness


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Newly released video shows famous actor and singer Jared Leto scaling the wall of Hotel De Rome in Berlin on Monday without the security of a harness.

The camera rolled as Leto carefully chose each move he made during the daredevil stunt. The video shows Leto methodically and swiftly using the oversized stones in the wall like ladder rungs, as he attempted his Spider-Man-like climb. He scaled the wall up to a certain point — then he touched the top of the ledge as if to prove he could, as seen in the video clip posted by Whoopsee.

Leto’s free-solo climb then shifted to the front of the hotel wall, which appeared to increase the danger level. He continued to climb the flat wall and seemed to have full control over his climb, as a crowd gathered to watch his stunt on the ground below.

The “Dallas Buyers Club” actor then slowly made his way back down, shifted to the side of the building once more, and used a larger ledge-like stone surface to steady himself as he neared the ground. (RELATED: Massive Falling Ice Column Kills Hiker In Utah After She Pushes Her Friend Out Of Its Path, Police Say)

Leto didn’t get very high up the wall, but was high enough to cause a stir, and would have most certainly hurt himself, had he fallen.

It’s not entirely clear why he attempted to climb the wall, but reports indicate he was in Berlin with TikToker Younes Zarou, who had been spotted filming with Leto near the hotel, according to TMZ.