Evacuations Ordered As Wildfires Engulf Canada


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Chibougamau, the largest town in northern Quebec, Canada, with a population of around 7,500, was evacuated Tuesday as hundreds of wildfires engulf the region.

Firefighters started evacuations while trying to fight back flames covering huge portions of the province, threatening remote communities and leading to thick clouds of smoke across the eastern U.S., according to ABC News. Only a small portion of the fires burning across Canada are currently under control, and  reports show the number of those deemed “out of control” at anywhere from 82 to 110.

British Columbians have also been advised to have a go-bag ready and to prepare their own evacuation plans, according to CTV News. “For most areas of the province it’s a matter of when, not if, you will be threatened by a wildfire,” BC Wildfire Service officer Jean Strong told the outlet. “It’s important we prepare as much as possible in advance.”

Nearly half of the BC province is currently in the top danger zone for wildfires, but the full map of the country is equally grim, as seemingly all of Canada’s border states are within the forecast region. Only small portions of the northern regions are considered safe. (RELATED: Video Shows Long-Lost Lake Returning To California)

The sheer extent of the blazes have many outlets reporting that 2023 is the worst-ever year of wildfire destruction.