Family, Cop Allegedly Witness Potential UFO Recorded In Strange Bodycam Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A news report went viral Thursday as it appears to show a family and law enforcement officer utterly convinced an alien and its craft were lurking near a home in Las Vegas

The video shared on Twitter shows law enforcement officers responding to a call on April 30 in a Las Vegas residential neighborhood, where a family and neighbors claimed an alien crashed in their backyard and then seemingly disappeared into the night sky. It might sound ridiculous, but it turns out there were a lot of witnesses. A Las Vegas Metro Police Officer’s body camera even recorded something flying across the sky right before the 911 call was placed, according to 8 News Now.

The beings in the backyard were described as 8 to 10-feet tall with large eyes. “It was like a big creature,” a homeowner explained.

One of the cops investigating the creatures said his partner saw something “fall out of the sky.” The ongoing investigation hasn’t found anything, but you can tell the cops were pretty freaked out by the whole situation.

The clip is straight out of a horror film, and it’s pretty bizarre to watch. If you blink, you could easily miss the glowing green orb as it darts across the sky. But when you see it, it’s clearly an almost physically impossible sight. (RELATED: NASA Admits That Some UFOs Might Be Real, But There’s One Major Hurdle To Figuring It Out)

Apparently a lot of people saw the flash, according to the American Meteorological Society and other witnesses in the video. And while the reports say the thing was a “fireball,” it looks pretty darn green on the body cam. Reporters from 8 News Now stated that calls to a series of local military bases revealed no involvement in whatever this thing was. There are no concrete answers as of a week later.